Friday, August 10, 2012

Horse show time again!!

This post is super late but I did take Rocky to the Willoughby show last month. It was good. The show was PACKED... super busy. We got a 3rd in eq and a 5th in pleasure. Rocky was a bit high, did have one moment where he decided to just take off, but all in all not too bad. Although... pretty much every canter transition involved a minor crowhopping fit. Guess I know what we need to work on, lol.


So... looking at the pictures, I was actually kind of dismayed. I seriously lack polish, and it frustrates me. I know that it's because all the horses I've had in the last several years have been greenies, I've spent all my time trying to train them rather than work on myself. Well, now that I have a horse who will semi-reliably do what he's asked, I can concentrate on improving my own equitation and technique. I want to start lessons again soon.

 I am taking the Rockster to a last-minute show at Langley Riders tomorrow... my first show there. I think I'm going to have to break out the show clothes, all the pics I've seen from their other shows, everyone seems to be dressed up. At any rate it'll be good practice for the Sporthorse show in September. There's a show at Windsor on Sept. 9th that I may try for as well, just to get a bit more practice in before Sporthorse. We'll see.

 I'm so happy, though :) Things are still pretty crazy in the rest of my life, so it feels really good to have something like this to focus on.

Wish us luck!