Friday, September 23, 2011

Show tomorrow

Me: "I don't know why I'm so nervous about showing this weekend!
My boss: "Imminent demise is always something to be nervous about."


Yes, Gia makes her dressage debut tomorrow. Our last couple of rides have been awful. I don't have high hopes :)

I would like to say I have goals for tomorrow... I don't, really. But here are some things I've thought of:

I want to do my best to make sure I stay calm, quiet, and soft. I tend to get nervous and brace against her, which makes her brace against me and get hollow and stupid. Let's try not to do that, lol.

When I get nervous, I have a tendancy to coast-- to just try and "get through it" rather than focusing on doing as good of a job as I can on the test. I really want to try not to do that. I'm going to try and remember to actually correct her if she needs it, rather than just try and float past any disobediences and get the test over with.

The only thing I can really control is my own position. Rider position and effectiveness of the aids has a coefficient of 3 so I want to try and pay attention to my ride as much as possible. That way if all else fails, maybe I'll get a good score for position :)

All in all I really don't want to overthink it (because in the long run, does this one dinky show really matter that much?) but for some reason I'm really keyed up about it. Relax, Elizabeth. It will all be fine.

Wish me luck, and I'll see you on the other side!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Stuck on you

So, I guess I've made my decision about the Supermodel. I thought about it a LOT, I waffled a lot, I second-guessed myself a lot. I decided to sell her. I stuck to my decision until the last possible moment... then just a bit PAST the last possible moment... and then I changed my mind.

This horse is a part of me. How did this happen, I don't know. Do I need a high-maintenance drama queen of a horse? Heck no! But she's my girl, and it looks like she's going to be my girl for a long time.

Sooo... where to go from here. Since making the decision I've thought about this a lot too. I thought about taking her to the Sporthorse show but truthfully, it's kind of a waste of money. I can walk into a halter class and know exactly how we're going to place. She won't beat the warmbloods with their extravagant movement, so it depends on how many warmbloods are in the class as to where we'll place. It's a bit hard to justify for a show that will cost me more than $300.

So then what? I refuse to do the schooling shows. I have to say that being that the lower mainland is like the horse capital of the Northwest, the schooling shows I've seen have been very poor quality. Worse than the Tri-cities, I must say with shame. There must be a great divide in shows around here-- dinky little schooling shows where the same people tool around in circles or over fences accomplishing nothing, or A-level shows that only those with a lot of discretionary income can afford. I'm not interested in either at this point.

What else is there? G will never be an event horse (even the thought of her princessy butt going cross-country makes me laugh), I could do Arab circuit but the thought just doesn't do it for me. So... dressage.

Dressage is my bread and butter, and has been for a long time. I love it. I just didn't think it was G's cup of tea. But at this point... I don't care. I found out that there's a dressage schooling show on the 24th, and I started thinking that this may be the perfect solution. Get her out in public but set her up for success-- leave Moira at home (she'll be going a 2-phase the next day), no other horses in the ring with her, and get her really working and focusing (if at all possible). I'm going to enter 3 walk-trot tests so that even if she has a breakdown in the first one, hopefully we'll see some improvement with each successive test. In fact, I think that should be my goal.

We'll see what she thinks. I rode her yesterday for the first time in a couple of weeks (we just moved into our new house and it's been CRAZY!) and she was really great. I kept the longeing to a minimum (I'd love to not have to longe her every time I ride, so I am weaning us off of it) and I was so thrilled with her. Forward, swinging, round, concentrating. She got cranky toward the end as she got tired, but all in all it felt really good. There may be hope for us yet.

I did get a few pictures of Jessy riding her the other day, unfortunately no jumping pics-- she was not impressed with jumping. G didn't freak out or refuse, she just didn't care. She tried to trot everything, and if she couldn't, she'd just plow through it. After a couple of decent efforts we called it quits.

Perhaps it's a sign that she isn't meant to be a hunter :) Would she just make up her mind already??

Gotta admit, high-strung or no, the mare is freaking adorable.